Award winners and honorable mentions

Congratulations to the students who won awards or who received honorable mentions for outstanding posters or oral presentations! The quality of all the presentations was impressive and made choosing outstanding posters difficult. Students were able to present the results of a summer only project or do check-ins for a full-year project.

Award winners

Alexander Cuff, Grace McAlary, Jordan Nus, and Casey Taylor

Outstanding poster: Mediated, Photocatalyst-Free Reductive Dealkylation of Aryl Alkyl Ethers (MURI)
Mentor: Sabastien Laulh

Raniya Knuckles

Outstanding poster: Critical Analysis of the Influence Financial Education and Banking Tools Have on Dismantling Poverty in Black Communities (UROP)
Mentor: Patricia Turley

Scott Lohman, Mayank Malhotra, and Gracie White

Outstanding oral presentation: Analyzing Effects of Calcium Chloride on Potato Starched Based Thermoplastics Using a Box-Behnken Design of Experiments (MURI)
Mentor: Andres Tovar

Honorable mentions for poster presentations

Morganna Gordon

Poster presentation: Frizzled 1 in Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells and Platinum Resistance” (DS-UROP)
Mentor: Salvatore Condello

Janice Hsu

Poster presentation: Affinity of Vitamin E for Lipids (UROP)
Mentor: Stephen R. Wassall

Kylie Heagy

Poster presentation: The Impact of Dyrk1a Gene Copy Number on Vestibular and Motor Reflex Development in the Ts65Dn Mouse Model of Down Syndrome (UROP)
Mentor: Randall Roper

Caleb Manring

Poster presentation: Improved Bone Notching for Fracture Toughness Testing
Mentor: Joseph Wallace

Event judges

We would like to thank our judges this year:

  • Heather Bowman
  • Steve Higbee
  • Amy Johnson
  • Ann Kimble-Hill
  • Khaula Murtadha
  • Debbie Oesch-Minor
  • Horia Petrache
  • Chris Rogers
  • Anupma Thakur
  • Patricia Turley